Bonaval Multimedia
is your friend on the Internet.

We are ICT consultants, we help and advise on everything related to your company network.

We go hand in hand with you to find the best solution to your needs, from creating your image to the implementation of all technological solutions.

Services and solutions

Design and development of portals for the frozen and food industry.

We believe that our solution can help address the challenge of solving the uneven modernization process between the business and its Internet presence.

Design and Development of tourism portals.

With Joomla or with own CMS. Specialists in the design and development of modular web portals for tourism. Design strategies, advice and consulting based on years of experience working in the tourism sector.

Design and web development custom.

We design and develop your web applications. We provide the technology, expertise and knowledge to develop your project. Advise and help you to turn your idea into a success story. PHP, MySQL and Apache.

Design and development of GIS maps.

Bonaval has over 15 years working and developing GIS maps. We developed a GIS system in Flash when there was no Google Maps. Today integrate maps with Google Maps or Joomla components implanted for management.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Bonaval improves positioning or search engine optimization internally and externally with specific skills development, management and marketing. Following the signs to the main search engines market.

Web application development for mobile.

Expand your visibility, technological leadership, market presence and potential customers multiplied by a web or application compatible with any mobile device. Bonaval prepares your website or web application to mobility.

Design and Development in Joomla.

Bonaval develop and design your website with Joomla powerful content management system. Web design and complete management of quality content by the user. Joomla allows web design adaptable to mobile devices. joomla facilitates integration with social networks.

We deal with all the complicated...

...just take care of your business.

Both Joomla and Wordpress, we take care that your website is always updated. You'll have several security copies, from copies of the full server, copies of your host, copies of your website, up copies of the database; to prevent any contingency in the shortest time possible.

Request more information or try now our specialized hosting services:

BASIC Hosting

20 €/month

* VAT not included
  • Professional hosting CPANEL
  • Personalized and direct attention
  • 1 Domain
  • 5 mailboxes

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Wordpress Hosting

35 €/month

* VAT not included
  • BASIC Hosting +
  • Wordpress Maintenance
  • Updates, backups and reviews
  • Consulting Wordpress
  • Optimization Wordpress

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Joomla Hosting

45 €/month

* VAT not included
  • BASIC Hosting +
  • Joomla Maintenance
  • Updates, backups and reviews
  • Consulting Joomla
  • Optimization Joomla

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