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Customer-oriented solutions

In Bonaval, we develop comprehensive solutions with innovative methodologies and tools based on free software. Our experience, and the knowledge we gained with the four R&D projects we developed, allow us to assess the complex needs and to offer quick responses in the applications personally designed for each customer. We work with our customers as a team, and we conduct our efforts to find the answers to the customer needs.


We do not only offer applications: we offer solutions.

Customized applications

Inexpensive and reliable. We have ten years of experience in the field of development of expert systems and personally designed applications using free software.

GIS systems

It doesn’t have to be expensive. We dispose of technology for the development of Geographical Information Systems directed to tourism, and to the public administrations.

Media: DVD and NetTV

More than 50 references in DVD, and different Streamer and IPTV projects have made us a reference in this field.

Mobility: webs & apps

We integrate sms/mms messaging with netsurfing for mobiles, and database systems.

Tourism: Portals, CRS, ERP

Solutions for the tourism sector.

Experts systems: TV Audience

Statistical solutionsonline with daily updates of data.