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Media: DVD and NetTV

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Our links with the world of the media business is our origin. We pioneered the use of video to mpeg CD ten years ago, and later coordinated the production of the first DVD in Dolby Digital AC3 and the Iberian Peninsula. We currently have over 30 different DVD in multilanguage support, with languages ​​such as Chinese or Japanese. This strong bond with the world of video, has led us to make certain projects related to this carrier ID, and particularly with video streamer systems from free software.

Currently we have a system image streamer on the market for the qualitative study of television audiences and are proposing various projects IPTV with RED 5, Java and Flex. Our process optimization compression and the use of lightweight protocols allow us to offer solutions Net TV low cost and high technical efficiency. Our solutions enable video at resolutions equivalent to that of a full-screen DVD with a simple line mega media, and without the need of installing plugins. Moreover, our experience in the field of production and consulting make us a good partner for collaboration and implementation of any solution that links to Internet video.