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Virtual Dedicated Server


Housing means with virtual server hosting service for a website or an information system in a virtual machine that is destined for a customer. From a functional point of view is a server, but not in this case different virtual machines can share a physical machine.

Levels of Service
Availability of a 95 percent on the established schedule.
Commitments troubleshooting up 48 hours, depending on the urgency of the incidence and impact rate and excluding the same disaster.

Accommodation: Virtual machine, 2x4 processor, redundant power, HD raid 1.
Names: Domain Registration Control and management of multiple domains. Domain Parking. Managing DNS and web redirection.
Disk: up to 30 GB.
Consume: 50 GB
Email: 150 standar accounts and 5 premium accounts. Web-mail. Antivirus and antispam advanced
Add-ons: Premium accounts 50 euros years.
Other benefits: FTP access anonymous, telnet access, DNS server BIND 9, 128-bit SSL, NTP client support
Security: Passwords PAM/Shadow, Management server based in browser management and interfaces independent for each site (SSH). Appliances to the demand service.
Customer support: Support by mail and telephone support 5 * 8. Emergency of first and second level.