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Simple and Advanced Hosting

servicios b

Levels of Service
Availability of 90 percent on the established schedule.
Commitments of troubleshooting up to 48 hours, depending on the urgency and impact the incidence and type of the same.

Hosting and domain names: Shared regime. Dynamic IP. 2 domains.
Disk: 40 MB webspace.
Consumption: Up to 5 GB data transfer rate.
Mail: 5 standard email accounts, pop and imap. Web-mail. Simple solution antispam and antivirus.
customer support: Support by mail. Response 48 hours.
Backups: daily incremental.

Advanced Plus
Hosting and domain names: IP address. Domain Parking.
Database: MySQL.
Disk: 500 MB Webspace.
Consumption: Up to 15 GB data transfer rate. Rate the letter as an extra.
Mail: 50 standard mail accounts, pop and imap. Web-mail. Premium accounts 50 euros year a/u. Advanced antispam solution.
Customer Service: Support by mail + plus phone support 5*8.
Control Panel and add-on: Administration shared + possibility other.