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Physical Dedicated Server


Housing means dedicated hosting service to website or online application platform on one or more machines that are tailored to customer needs.

Levels of Service
Availability of 95 percent on the established schedule.
Troubleshooting commitments up to 24 hours, depending on the urgency, impact the incidence and type of the same with disaster exclusion

hosting and domain names: Physical machine or machines. Domain Registration and management of multiple domains. Domain Parking. Advanced DNS Management.
Disk: unlimited.
Consumption: unlimited.
Mail: unlimited. Web-mail. Add-on: Premium accounts 50 euros year a/u. Web-mail. Antivirus and antispam advanced.
Hardware: dual processors, redundant power supplies, HD system with RAID 1 and RAID redundant data, RAID 5 according to customer needs.
Other benefits: FTP access Anonymous , access telnet, DNS server BIND 9, SSL 128-bit, NTP client support, Security: Passwords PAM / Shadow, Server Management and browser-based management interfaces independent for each site (SSH). Appliances on-demand service
Customer support: Support by mail + telephone support 5*8. Emergency first and second level, and Appliances
Support: Included in the offer and if support Appliances.