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Bonaval debuts new face

WWW.BONAVAL.COM - developed with html5 y css3.Bonavalunveils its new virtual facade. After our latest developments and experience in new technologies we have decided that our main letter on the Internet is a reflection of these new capabilities, so we are pleased to present the design of our new website: We beseech you excuses the provisionality of our site, because we are still in the works, but we hope you like the new approach to design, which we define as clean, simple and effective.

We have developed the new website with the new HTML5 language and the vanguard of style sheets using CSS3 to be able to take advantage of the design, presentation and animation content.

The new design of the website enables navigation on any device, tablets or mobile. The content adapts to screen resolution, from a large widescreen display up to the small screen of a mobile phone, including tablets, pdas and smartphones.