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building the future from 1998

A Team at the Disposal
of the Client

As a small company we can give quick solutions to big companies,
in our case size is not the most important, efficiency makes the difference.
We offer the companies, administrations, and organizations special knowledge in the new technologies, so that they can improve their development both at the professional and at the corporate level.
Bonaval Multimedia is specialized in database applications and Geographical Information Systems using free software. Bonaval has developed many consulting expert systems on line, dedicated to statistical management. These systems integrate video, and IPTV’s streaming solutions, as well as mobility solutions.

Established more than ten years ago, the main objective of Bonaval Multimedia is to become a referent in technological innovation, in the service sector in relation with the Net, and in the new optical media in relation with the cultural expression.

In our company, we believe in the importance of focusing the business relation in the motivation of the people, and in an environment in which our training entails a constant opportunity. All of these as part of a growth and reward strategy, mutual for the company and the employees.

To assure the excellence of our employees, Bonaval applies this principle, with the intention of turning it into a distinctive characteristic of the company. Formed by staff from our company and external staff, we create creative, dinamic, responsible, and flexible work teams with a common goal: to strengthen the customers and the professionals confidence.

Our company is composed of a multidisciplinary team of professionals, working everyday to create value and confidence. For this reason, we have been able of maintaining long, stable relations with the great majority of them.

Our Mission: Change the Future

Our aim is to provide comprehensive communication solutions, through the establishment of long-term business relations, with mutual benefit for us and for the companies and institutions of our community. We do not give up. In fact, we are settled in the Portuguese and in the Spanish market, and we believe we have competitive quality and price.

Although we have a technical vocation, we like to take the initiative, share knowledege and, when talking about solutions, we do it in a broader sense. We are specialized in integration systems of voice, data, and video systems, and we offer complete solutions already installed, working to satisfy the customer.

Customers must know

Due to our dimension, we are more dinamic than the large companies. However, we can provide immediate responses as they do, so the customers don’t have to worry about the details. Contrary to the large companies, our clients can benefit from the advantages of custom-designed communication system, and a personalized attention. Every customer is provided with a personal interlocutor.

Our Clients: